The 15 Minute Technical Phone Screen: 3 Top Questions to Vet Candidates Quickly

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About this eBook

You’ve reviewed the resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile and it looks like a match, so when you’re ready to perform a technical phone screen of potential candidates, zero in fast and make the most of the time. A technical phone screen’s goal is to verify and clarify a technical candidate’s background, abilities, and potential. For example, is the candidate truly the match to the role they appear to be on paper? If you’re a tech recruiter, hiring manager, or anyone vetting tech talent, we dive into three questions and guidance to determine the greatest chance for alignment and fit. We’ll also cover what to listen for in each answer and why the information is important. Finally, we’ll include some bonus material to make technical phone screen interviews as productive as possible for all parties.


How to better align with your hiring managers

Key questions to expedite the screening process

What to listen for in candidates' answers

Ways to customize your phone screens with the role or team requirements