Hired is back for year three of the annual State of Salaries report — and, once again, results reveal that tech is booming. We looked through our 2017 data on technology workers, including software engineers, designers, product managers, and data analytics roles, to help answer the workplace questions on everyone’s minds. 

Because our data is based on real people considering real job offers made by real companies, we are uniquely qualified to speak to the top salary trends in 2017. Hired facilitates the job searching process from the initial interview request all the way to the final job offer, so we have unprecedented visibility into anonymized data on salaries across a variety of positions and companies.

Download our exclusive report to find out:

  • Average tech salaries in key markets
  • Year over year salary changes
  • Which markets your tech salary will go furthest 
  • Top industries for tech workers and top cities for relocation
  • Salary offers by race and age 

2018 State of Salaries Report

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