Remote Hiring Team Collaboration

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About this webinar

In many organizations recruiting is reactive. The executive team or hiring managers tell talent teams which roles they need filled at the last minute, and they scramble to fill them.

However we all know that to hire the best talent collaboration is key. As hiring teams are now more distributed than ever before, it is critical to build strong partnerships to ensure more predictable workforce planning in a very unpredictable environment. 

Download this webinar to drive alignment between key hiring team stakeholders in Finance, HR, Management, and Talent Acquisition and take recruiting from reactive to strategic.

Meet the Speakers

Pete Lawson

VP of Talent Acquisition, Postmates

Key Takeaways

Forecasting for headcount and attrition 

Job requirements and hiring plan alignment

Talent acquisition enablement

James Evans

Sr. Manager Talent Acquisition, Vistaprint

SVP Engineering, Two Sigma

Mae Santos

Aligning stakeholders for future success

Ed Schaffer

CFO, Hired