FAQ: Going Remote

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If you're currently adapting your working arrangements in response to COVID-19, you're not alone - we are too. 

These are the real questions from actual audience members in our "Going Remote: Best Practices for HR and Recruitment" webinar answered by leaders at fully remote companies like InVision and Stack Overflow.

This is not just strategy and thought leadership. It is tactical answers from Talent Leaders and Founders who have been in the trenches of remote work for years. 

Download this video, roll up your sleeves and get ready to have your most difficult questions answered by the experts.

Meet the Speakers

Hope Weatherford

Head of Talent Attraction

Sample Questions

  • How do I prepare candidates for virtual onsites? 
  • How can I empower managers to onboard & train new hires remotely? 
  • What are creative ways to maintain team engagement and morale? 

Founder & CEO
SmartBug Media

Ryan Malone

Burning questions, answered.

Melissa Bruno

VP of People
Stack Overflow

Will Alexander

Head of Customer Success