A Proven Plan for Recruiting Tech Talent in 2020

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About this webinar

Building great teams is essential to your company's success and when it comes to tech talent the stakes are high. With demand soaring, tech talent feel they can land a job just about anywhere. 

So how can you convince them to join your company before someone else does? 

Find out in this webinar, featuring top tech talent and recruiters who will be pulling from their own experiences hiring and being hired in some of the most competitive markets in the US. They'll lift the curtain on why developers choose one opportunity over all the rest and how to pitch yours better than the competition. 

Meet the Speakers

Key Takeaways

  • What sourcing techniques appeal to tech talent
  • Pitching your developer culture and growth opportunities
  • How to ace the technical interview process


Cory Fauver

Software Engineer, Hired

Alexys Flores

Ben Somers

Lead Technical Recruiter, Quip

Dev Lab Team Lead, Bain & Company

Bryan Menduke

Senior Technical Recruiter, DraftKings