How To Hire Tech Talent Without a Recruiting Team

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About this eBook

As a startup leader, it may feel like you always have a million items on your to-do list. Product roadmapping. Speaking with customers. Fixing bugs. Managing finances. Putting out fires. Repeat. The work never ends—and as you start to scale, hiring a tech team becomes yet another item on that exhaustive list. Surveying the competitive landscape, you might notice large companies that boast outsized hiring budgets and in-house recruiting teams—which simply isn’t an option for most smaller businesses. 

In a crowded market, you may wonder: How can we hire the best tech candidates with limited hiring resources? In this playbook, you’ll learn how to handle the hiring process from end to end—without a dedicated recruiting team and without burning out.


Key fundamentals of the sourcing process and how to get them right

How to hire top tech talent with limited budget and resources

Tips for candidate outreach, interviewing, and more!