How to Build and Scale a SaaS Sales Team: The Managers' Playbook

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About this eBook

Building a sales team is a critical project in your business's growth cycle. A poor hire might disrupt your company's mission and steal momentum from reaching lofty revenue goals. Without a solid, fully operational sales team, the backbone of your operation may quickly dissolve.

This eBook provides a playbook for founders, CEOs, and business owners to lay the foundation for a strong revenue team. In it, we cover when to start hiring salespeople, which roles to hire first, and what you need to have in place before you review the first resume. We also dive into what makes a good salesperson with input from current experts and a preview of common sales tech stacks. Ready to grow your Always Be Closing team? Download the eBook now!


- How to begin building your SaaS sales team operation

- How to grow your sales team

- Guidance to successfully onboard and operate a streamlined sales department