Managing the cross-functional transition to fully remote work

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About this webinar

The conversation around remote work has shifted from short term to long term planning with companies looking to establish stable remote work policies and maintain business continuity. 

For many businesses going fully remote is the most viable option, however it is not an easy decision to execute. Business leaders from HR, to Legal and Finance must work together to weigh the complex considerations that go with a move to fully remote work. 

In this webinar Shopify, GitLab, Hired and Workable will discuss how they've transitioned to fully remote businesses and how to successfully navigate through this change.

Meet the Speakers

Jen McInnis

Sr. Lead Talent Expansion Ops

Key Takeaways

Legal, financial and operational factors to consider

Cross functional partners to include in your decision

Managing through change as a team

David Sakamoto

VP of Customer Success


Evan Ferl

VP, Ops and Legal

SVP, Finance

Craig Diforte