Hired's 2023 State of UK Tech Salaries

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About this Report

This year felt turbulent, challenging, and full of change. Tech recruitment in 2023 changed dramatically compared to 2022, and the UK market feels especially different to its US and Canadian counterparts.

Despite this, the UK tech job industry remained strong and it continues to create its own trends. This is especially notable when you compare the trend for higher salaries for local roles compared to remote ones, and an overall increase in salaries where they’ve dropped in other locations.

With UK candidates steadily increasing their expected salaries, and demand high in key hubs like London, what does this mean for tech companies in 2024? It’s likely to require a renewed focus on competitive salaries, in-demand benefits, and a more engaging approach to recruitment.


Insights into UK jobseekers’ salary expectations

How salaries differ by UK city, based on cost of living adjustments

Salary trends based on company size

Next steps to improve the hiring process in 2024