The Tech Hiring Tightrope: Balancing the Skills & Shifts in Talent

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Inside you'll discover:

  • The impact of generative AI, salary transparency, and inflation on tech workers
  • How far tech salaries go in different cost of living markets
  • Tech roles and skills showing the most growth in demand
  • Biggest salary movers in tech and the highest-paid roles

Tech hiring has changed dramatically from 2022 to 2023. Tech workers witnessed impacts from layoffs, hiring freezes, inflation, and the explosion of generative AI. Jobseekers and employees saw a turnabout from “work from anywhere” policies to “we’re going back to the office and this time we mean it.”

Meanwhile, tech talent is coming to grips with a decline in tech salaries for the first time in years after the flurry of hiring and salary increases during the Great Resignation reversed course.

This research report explores how this volatility has affected tech salaries based on Hired data across multiple markets and 1 million+ interview requests communicated to more than 243K jobseekers.

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