What Top Tech Employers Do Differently 

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To better support talent acquisition, recruiting, and hiring teams, we’ve studied industry benchmarks and best practices through the lens of our core values: equity, efficiency, and transparency. 

Why? Because we believe, and the data agrees, successful companies have employer brands strong in these key areas.

Hired’s first official benchmarks report evaluated all active companies on its platform based on these three values critical to attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent. For each one, Hired's data analysts collected and analyzed specific criteria and metrics based on our marketplace data.

Our goal for this report is to help leaders gauge the strength of their recruitment strategies by comparing their processes to top employers getting hiring “right” in 2022 –  including the fastest time to hire, highest offer acceptance rates, and the least variation between expected salary and salary in a final offer. 

The Core Values Framing this Report


How many underrepresented candidates companies interview and hire


How efficient companies are in interviewing and navigating candidates throughout the hiring processes

What it means to have an employer brand and hiring process strong in equity, efficiency, and transparency.

Actions to improve efficiency, equity, and transparency – and meet your hiring and business goals.

Tools and resources to support your hiring processes and employer brand specifically in these values.


How transparent companies are around indicating concrete salaries or salary bands during the hiring process

What You'll Learn

New Hiring Data to Win in 2023